Management Team

One Earth Financial Team

Andrew Tait


Andrew Tait is the founder and CEO of One Earth financial(OEF). As an environmentalist Mr. Tait determined that financial services would play an important role toward advancing environmental technologies.  As Director of Worldwide Pure Water, LLC (WPW) Mr. Tait oversees numerous applications for WPW’s patented green nanotechnology. In addition to water and commercial application OEF will also support environmental education and green building initiatives.
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LaDonna Stachura

V.P. Corporate Affairs

LaDonna has a background in psychology, travel, art and media production. Ms. Stachura began as a volunteer researcher and has worked as Assistant to the Director, Creative Consultant, Human Resources, and Training. Ms. Stachura has worked her way to becoming a top manager within The Environmental Community. As the 72+ members of The Environmental Community expand she will be a primary manager over key organizations.
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Dan Baxley

V.P. Environmental Projects

Dan brings over 20 years of Fortune 50 strategy, marketing, management and technology experience to One Earth Financial.  With a degree in economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern he consults with investors now in the private and corporate sectors. As an entrepreneur, author and public speaker he is passionate about developing green opportunities that will help humanity by creating new jobs within a sustainable society.
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Dex Peterson

Technology & Business Integration Manager

Dex Peterson is a green minded IT and business professional. He has worked for over 20 years in both private and public corporations. After discovering The Environmental Community and meeting the founder, Andrew Tait, he accepted the position of Programming & Business Integration Manager. Mr. Peterson has stated, “It is so great to be working with a company focused on productive environmental education programs along with the preservation of our natural resources.”
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D. Kimbro Stephens

V.P. Legal Affairs

Kimbro Stephens is V.P Legal Affairs of The Environmental Community and My Natural Pool, LLC. Mr. Stephens has over 20 years of development, start up and management experience. After turning his attention to businesses that specialize in advancing “green technologies” he discovered Worldwide Pure Water and One Earth Financial. After this discovery he joined the management team that is preparing to launch programs that will bring about significant environmental change.
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Gary E. Ireland

Legal Advisor

Mr. Ireland is a graduate of Columbia University and New York Law School and began his career in the area of commercial litigation. Since then he has setup a private practice focusing on environmental, civil rights and entertainment matters prevailing in high profile cases as lead counsel against billion dollar companies, many of these cases have been covered in the daily news. His legal career is dedicated to both environmental and social justice.
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Dr. Steven Gans

Advanced Learning Advisor

Dr. Gans is a Philosopher, Psychoanalyst, Executive Coach, Mentor and Business Strategist. He is presently Associate Professor of Philosophy at American Public University with interests in; Speculative Realism, Environmental Ethics and Global Justice. Dr. Gans located and soon thereafter joined The Environmental Education Center and he is also working with Eco Job Corps since the two groups are working in concert on a major environmental movement initiative.
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Hans Alfred Lak

V.P. Strategic Partnerships

Located in the Netherlands, Hans is our International Marketing Associate. Hans studied Marketing Communication at the HEAO in Utrecht and has been a manager in numerous companies and industries including advertising, publishing, fashion and tourism. Hans has started cross marketing campaigns with companies like BMW, Diners Club, Mercedes, American Express to name a few. Hans is passionate about the great outdoors and wildlife!
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Lenny Schutz

Environmental Architect

Vladimir Schutz is an experienced interior and exterior designer specializing in CAD and 3D visual designs. With experience in sales management, executive sales and finance Lenny was searching for a company to live his dream of designing environmentally friendly homes and commercial facilities. After locating The Environmental Community he discovered Earth Mountain Lodge and One Earth Financial. Soon thereafter he applied and joined the OEF Development Team.
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Virginia de Souza

Project Manager

Virginia has worked for several companies and all had varying levels of environmental, green or LEEDS development. She, has written, compiled and completed Federal Water Management Plans for numerous municipalities and cities within the state of Utah. Virginia received her degree of Global Business Management from the University of Phoenix. After locating The Environmental Community and discovering the global platform she join One Earth Financial so she could help create change.
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